Andrew Plutt
Hi, I’m Andrew!
I am a Colorado native with a passion for nature and the beauty found within its design.  The complexities and yet simplicities of this wonderful place we all call home is an absolutely amazing thing!  I’ve been on a mission to capture the essence of it all for some years now with some amazing success!  Albeit, I'm not without my fair share of unsuccessful opportunities.  The universe is, in a sort of constant inhale, changing itself around, every second that goes by.  The best part of it all is, none of it matters, because every single one one of us sees a different rendition, built from the same events.  Making photography one of my favorite forms of storytelling.  I've been in a lot of great places and a lot of horrible places, but the one constant in my life, is the art of photography.  It has taken me to some wonderful places, and has also placed me into some amazingly kind, and like minded lives!  As my life continues to breath, I will be constantly throwing my spin on things, sharing my visions with those who want to join in and indulge.  Thank you, to all showing my work some love!
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